Dataview remove box in column?

i hope someone can help me.

i have a dataview table and i want to remove the boxes in the rightmost column.

can someone please help me?

i can’t get it to work?

TABLE WITHOUT ID AS "🔗zur Datei", date_format as "📅Wochentag", Notizen as "📆 Notizen"
FROM "4 Kalender/Tag" 
where type="Kalender/Tag"

SORT asc

That might be due to the theme or custom CSS. Here are a couple of tests in different vaults—no boxes.

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thank you for the answer.
I have now found a clean solution :slight_smile:

i have a question, can you display checkboxes in dataview table that you can click?

i have a dataview table and it shows me all open task, it would be great if i could check this task right away.

is this possible?

table without id as "🔗zum Eintrag",date_format as "📆 Datum", tasks.text  as "📂 Noch zu erledigende Aufgabe" ,notizen as "ℹ️ Notizen"
from "4 Kalender"
flatten file.tasks as tasks
where !tasks.completed

sort date

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I don’t know. I only use task queries for tasks, which can be clicked:

- [ ] **🗓️ 2023-08-12** This is a task

# Q1


thank you for the answer. unfortunately, this is not possible.

I have a table and here I wanted to get the open task displayed.

I would like to output not only all tasks, but on a tag field.

like above in the picture i wanted a checkbox for each task in the dataview table. i think that may not be possible ?

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