Dataview Query to Show Uncompleted Task (with option to push them back / ignore them)

Hi guys,

I have a rather specific use-case for task and would love to hear any suggestion

  1. I want to see all uncompleted task (i.e. today is Tuesday and i didn’t finish all my task yesterday, I want to see what I tasks I have left from Monday)

  2. I want there to be a way to i.e. “ignore” a task that is irrelevant already. i.e. perhaps last Friday I had a task called “Call John if I need book from him”, and it’s not necessary anymore, I want to maybe click a button or add a “#ignore” tag to remove the task from my query. (i know i can just check off this task but i prefer not to do it this way so I can know what task i really completed vs ignored in the future)

  3. It’s fine if not possible, but I hope I can push some tasks to further dates (i.e. I have this task on Tuesday that I really can’t finish until next Tuesday, can I somehow push it to the following Tuesday (or whatever date) in this dataview query or some other efficient manner.

I know my use case is quite nuanced, but I can achieve 1. and 2. with my current dataview query

Current Dataview Query

WHERE !completed AND text != ""
GROUP BY header

This will show all the unfinished tasked group by filename. The only caveat is I HAVE to check off the checkbox in order to “ignore” them.

Really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

I use the same kind of setup, where the tasks keeps on populating my query of unfinished task. The only change related to your setup is that I’m using the - to denote canceled tasks.

So when I want to ignore/cancel a task, I hit the task text from the query, enter the - into the task field, and go back to the query, or continue onwards with other actions.

I’ve recently also posted a template to cancel tasks with a cancel date (for use on the task definition) which might be of interest:

I’m not using that, but you could add start dates to your task, and modify the query so it only includes tasks without start dates, or a start date in the past. That way you add push a task to next tuesday by setting the start date to that date.

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