Dataview query to display notes with a deadline during a quarter

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What I’m trying to do

I am trying to create a dataview query that displays all files with a deadline that falls during a given quarter. Each of the files has a deadline for a month during that quarter. The name of the file is the quarter. So for example example, I’ll have a file named 2023-Q4, and I want it to show files with a deadline 2023-10, 2023-11, and 2023-12.

Things I have tried

So far I have tried using date format without much luck. Here is my query so far:

TABLE dateformat(date(Scheduled), "q") AS Scheduled
WHERE dateformat(date(Scheduled) = dateformat(date(, "q")

What format are you using for Scheduled?

If it’s in the recognised format of YYYY-MM-DD, then your statement should rather look like:

WHERE dateformat(Scheduled, "yyyy-Qq") =