Dataview Query - Pull data from kanban view into a page

What I’m trying to do

I’m fairly new to Obsidian (loving it) and dataview query language so please bare with me. I have done a good amount of reading on it and watched some really good youtube tutorials to get a better understanding of it in practice.

I’m running the kanban plugin and have 3 boards. To do, Doing, Done. I prefer to organise my projects like this and I don’t necessarily use check boxes. Some projects have due dates where as some don’t. I have tags for each page link/item with #project/…

Now I would like to be able to query data from the kanban view on a table including:
Task, Status, Project, Date Created and File (only uncompleted ones). I have found a couple of other posts whereas someone else managed to do something similar. Below is the code string which I’m using:

Things I have tried

regexreplace(Tasks.text, "\[.*$", "") as Task, 
meta(Tasks.section).subpath as "Status", 
tasks.Project as "Project", as "File" 
FROM #project 
FLATTEN file.tasks As Tasks 
WHERE !Tasks.done
SORT date( 

I’m struggling to figure out a couple of things.

If a text item in the kanban view has been assigned to a page then the item does not show up on the table, only the ones created on kanban but not assigned to any pages.
Project column contains no data, just a - symbol, I can’t work it out how to pull any data from/to it. I checked and made sure that on the pages which are linked to the kanban board items, that ‘Project’ is contained on the metadata.

Heres a screenshot with the current setup.

Markdown from Kanban:

To do

  • [[Start mix prep]] #project/nickrichards @[[2024-01-08]]
  • [[Book session]] #project/nickrichards


  • Finish mix solace #nickrichards
  • Finish mix King BB #nickrichards


  • Artwork #nickrichards

%% kanban:settings



Kanban markdown screenshot:

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