Dataview Query Only Works in One Folder

Hi everyone!

The dataview query to see the weekly highlights only works in the templates folder.

I dont know what to do

The interesting fact is that the folder where the query works isn’t even part of the “FROM” clause.

The template is in “Dispensa/Jornada” and the data source is different.

In summary:

“Dispenas/Templates/JornadaT” (works)
‘‘Jornada/Notas Semanais’’ (doesn’t work)

Data source: ''Jornada/Notas Diárias"

There are 3 totally different places in my vault, and it only works in one place, I don’t understand.

TABLE highlights
FROM "Jornada/Notas Diárias"
WHERE highlights != null
AND = number(substring(string(, 0, 4))
AND = number(substring(string(, 6, 8))

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