Dataview query on tags are broken

What I’m trying to do

I have notes for organizations I track and each note includes dataviews that worked great until recently, now they show errors like this

Here what the code looks like

  • For an Organization (#org/private/companyxyz), show People (#people), but not Opportunities (#opp) or vice versa
LIST FROM #org/private/companyxyz and #opp and -#people
LIST FROM #org/private/companyxyz and #people and -#opp

Any thoughts on what might have changed to cause this error?

Obsidian 1.0.2
Dataview 0.5.47
WIndows 11

Issue resolved.

Uninstalled Dataview plugin. Restarted Obsidian. Re-installed Dataview plugin. :grinning:

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