Dataview query not showing any results

Things I have tried

I have a note that is in a folder that is in the following location

project > system > Reference access >

The note has the following metadata

tags: pim evernote access
name: Evernote
access: 0.2

What I’m trying to do

From another note (in a different location/folder), i have the following query:

	table name as Name, access as Access  
	from "System"   
	sort name desc  

The query is not returning any results. Should it not have returned in the list?
i.e does the above query not search the “System” folder for any document with those fields in the metadata?

Lowercase ‘system’, perhaps …

table name as Name, access as Access  
	from "system"   
	sort name desc  

Sorry that was a typo. Both the query and the folder name have the same “case” .

Ok, it seems it only works if i use the following approach:

table name as Name, access as Access  
	from "project/system/Reference access"   
	sort name desc  

Anybody know why this is the case? i.e i have to give it the full path?

Yes, to define the source in FROM you need to place all the path.

FROM "folder/subfolder/subsubfolder"

You can use FROM "project/system" but in that case you define as source everything inside system folder (including files in nested subfolders).

You can use other methods via WHERE command. One example: WHERE contains(file.path, "system").

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