Dataview query in daily note, to show all files created on that day

Things I have tried

WHERE file.cday = 
FROM "privat" 

What I’m trying to do

Hi guys,
I want to create a dataview in my daily note, which shows to me all the notes I created on that day in my daily note folder.
I have two questions to that:

  • The part FROM “privat” does not work. Do you know why?
  • my daily note has the Format YYYY-MM-DD. In case, that my daily note is created not on that day, is it possible to refer within dataview to the title of the daily note, instead of the metadata

Thanks in advance

What’s privat? A folder name?
You need to use the folder path. If a first level folder, then you can use only the file folder name, but if a folder inside other folder, then you need to use FROM "folder/sub-folder" … and so on.

You know what’s is precisely the date in the title if it uses the format “YYYY-MM-DD” (or if you have a Date field in that file)!

But the main problem in your query is another one. Please see plugin documentation and place the main commands in right order.
(you can’t use WHERE before FROM)

Hi mnvwvnm,
thanks! you solved my two problems! Now I get that dataview, how I wanted it! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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