Dataview query for use with Day Planner

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to configure the dataview source query for use with Day Planner. I have successfully set a query that confines Day Planner to the correct path and filename format for my daily notes. Yay!

Unfortunately, it’s also pulling in other types of tasks that I would like to exclude.

The tasks I want to exclude are contained under a heading called Random Note Review

Things I have tried

I tried this query:

“02-journal/daily notes” and !contains(meta(section).subpath, “Random Note Review”)

but I receive a parsing error

Error: Failed to parse query in 'pagePaths': Error:
> 1 | "02-journal/daily notes" and !contains (meta(section) subpath, "Random Note Review")
Expected one of the following:
'!,,", 'esvl, "outgoing', file link, string, tag ('#hello/stuff')

Can anyone help me craft this query?

For starters you need to add a period into this bit:


Thank you - I think there may already be a period in the query - curious that it doesn’t appear that way.

Well, there isn’t any in the segment you’ve shown us, and other than that you’ve not given us any information on the rest of your query or anything.

We’re not mind readers…

Yes, you’re quite right, @holroy. There is a period in my query, but not in the error message I posted above. Thank you for pointing that out.

I’m entering this query in the Day Planner setting where it asks for “Include additional files, folders and tags with a Dataview Source” and has input box.

My query does have the period right where you point out, but for unknown reasons, I’m not able to select and copy the error message shown. I used a screen-reading OCR tool to grab the error text, and it looks like it missed the period.

I’m wondering if the way Day Planner is using this query fragment only pertains to the FROM part of the query, and won’t allow me to use the contains function at all?

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