Dataview query for tags based on alias of host page

I just learned about Tag Wrangler’s “Tag Pages” feature and I’m looking at how I might take advantage of it (a way to possibly take advantage of the benefits of both links and tags). The jist of it is that you create a new page (the “Tag Page”) with an alias of “” (eg. “#Pets/Dogs”), and then ALT+ clicking on the tag in the sidebar opens the page for viewing. In the page, I’m thinking it would be nice to have a list of links to the page, and a list of pages that contain the tag. I know I can do a Dataview block with the following to get a list of links:

FROM [[]]

I know I can use a similar Dataview block to get a list of pages with a tag:

FROM #Pets/Dogs

What I’d like to do is have a template for creating these “Tag Pages”, where the query for tags gets the tag string from the alias of the page containing the block (so I don’t have to hard-code the tag for every Tag Page I create). For example:

  • The Tag Page for “Dogs” has an alias in the YAML Aliases: [ "#Pets/Dogs" ]
  • The page also has a code block to look for tags that begin with ‘#’
  • The code block finds #Pets/Dogs" in the YAML and assigns it to a variable which is then used in the code block:
FROM <tag variable>

Any ideas on how to do this? Bonus points if the solution can handle multiple tags in the alias!

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