Dataview query for notes with date prefix

What I’m trying to do

I prefix a number of my notes with the date: “YYYY-MM-DD”. These reside in a few different folders (e.g. one for my school notes, one for meeting notes), but all have in common that they are notes that are both “opened and closed” on that same day (vs. a more evergreen note type).

My goal: add a dataview query in my daily note that collects all the notes with that day’s prefix.

Another way to explain it: I want to take the below functional dataview query, and replace “Inbox” with a wildcard so it searches all folders, and the “2023-05-14 Test Note” with a wildcard that searches for anything that starts with


FROM "Inbox/2023-05-14 Test Note"


FROM "*/ *"

Note: I use a YYYY-MM-DD format for my daily notes and for the note prefix.

Things I have tried

Querying for notes that link to that day’s daily note

FROM [[{{title}}]]
GROUP BY link(

Querying for notes created the day of my daily note

WHERE file.cday =

Neither of these approaches accomplish quite what I want. E.g. they also include my evergreen-type notes, or they only include the notes with links to my daily note (which isn’t part of my workflow).

Untested code released into the wild follows:

WHERE startswith(,
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