# Dataview query dynamically integrating the month and day?

Not sure if this is possible but I just now created a Dataview query that looks like this:

List where contains(file.name, "20240415")
SORT file.name
limit 25

I have a system in my notes where I sequentially number them yyyymmdd##. So the first note I create today would start with 2024041501. The next would start with 2024041502 etc.

The query above will successfully pull up all the notes I’ve created today, but then I need to edit the query to use it for tomorrow’s notes. Is there a way to integrate today’s date dynamically, and even better today’s month and year, so that the dataview query will always pull up all of today’s notes?

I have found a way to do it by creation date but for various reasons that won’t work as well as pulling it up by finding that 8-digit sequence in the file name. Thanks for any suggestions!

Things I have tried

I’ve searched on various forms of insert date and found a lot of good advice like this

on filtering by creation/modified fields but not yet something to dynamically insert today’s date information into a query.

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