Dataview query doesn't seem to work

File 1:
2022-11-01 - 10:50 am - [callerID:: (415)738-2935]

File 2:

where callerID = "(415)738-2935"

File 2 shows now results.

however if I just go with

where callerID

It will list pages that contain that field.

In my local tests, they both work. And I added a second file with a different ID number to show how the first query filters just the one file, but the second query picks up both files:

## 1

list where callerID = "(415)738-2935"

## 2

list where callerID

**Source** > left pane

**Reading** > right pane

Definitely got straight quotes in the first query?

I keep running into this with dataview. Normally if I clear the cache and all that stuff a few times, and restart, I’ll eventually stumble into making it work. I guess as long as I know the syntax is correct, I’ll keep trying.

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I just don’t know…

If I use $=dv.span(dv.current()) I can see it on the page…

The zip attached has three files. One and two have the metadata. Three has the Dataview queries. Do they work for you? (1.5 KB)

Can you do a screenshot of your source view, including the output of the dv.span(dv.current()) part (with the fields).

And which version and installer are you running?

ok got it figured out.

since I have more than one callerID on any given page you have to use

where contains(callerID,

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