DataView plugin: format or hide the file name?

Things I have tried

  • searching this forum
  • searching the internet
  • reading and searching the DataView documentation

What I’m trying to do

I would like to control everything that is shown in a list or table in DataView, including the file name. I would like to either hide the file name (showing other attributes) and/or format the file name (e.g. show a prettier file name with hyphens and underscores removed).

I haven’t been able to find this feature. Does it exist?
If not I can request on GitHub :slight_smile:

Thank you.

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I couldn’t find any way to do it either, which is one of the reasons I started using dataviewjs instead. It’s more effort and requires some Javascript coding skills, but gives you greater control.

I think if you share your data view query, it may be straightforward to convert to dataviewjs. I’m not a js expert, but I was able to use the examples on the doc to convert one of my regular data view tables to the js version (in order to get the grouping). Happy to help if I can.

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Regarding hiding any file - I think it can be filtered using " where contains(field, value/“string”)"

OP is trying to hide the first column (which has the file name or grouping name), not specific files

About remove file name, the last release (version 0.4.3) add this feature:

Removing the ‘File’ field

You can remove the default ‘File’ or ‘GROUP’ fields now using the ‘WITHOUT ID’ qualifier in a table query:


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