Dataview plugin. File name contains word "report"..How to query it?

Hi! I have a folder where some files have in their names word “report” , like: “report about health” , “report about sport”. And there are files with different names too in the same folder.
The question:
Is there a way to query all files from that folder that contains word “report” in their names using Dataview plugin?
A made a query but it is not working like i need to…

table tags
from "test folder"
where = "report"
sort rating desc

Thank you!

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Try this:

TABLE tags
FROM "test folder"
WHERE contains(, "report")
SORT rating DESC

Note: attention to case sensitive. If you have “report” and “Report”, may you need to put this: WHERE contains(, "report") OR contains(, "Report") (or other more simple expression…)


Fantastic! It works! Thank you very much!!

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