Dataview plugin fails to load on iOS

For no apparent reason, on my two iOS devices Obsidian fails to load the Dataview plugin but loads all others. It has been working fine for months and nothing significant has changed in the way I work or the stuff I have installed (only 4-5 very reputable plugins). On macOS everything’s fine. I’ve tried uninstalling Dataview and reinstalling it, but it still refuses to activate on iOS.

Any ideas?


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Yes: exactly the same problem here. Works fine on macOS, but fails to load on iphone / ipad. Since two days ago. I did upgrad to the newest version on Desktop (the one you have to download instead of just upgrade from app) so I figured it might be the cause. Still… no solution.

There is an open issue on github for it, revert to 0.5.56 for now.

Releases · blacksmithgu/obsidian-dataview · GitHub (under Assets, download the main, manifest and styles files and put in your plugins/dataview directory)

Reverting to 0.5.56 following @govsat1’s reply fixed the issue for me. Thanks a lot!

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