Dataview object value

Hello everyone,
I wanted to keep track in a single note of the topics I study.
The Dataview option inside the files are limited to a single value topic:: "topic_name" or a list topics:: ["topic_name_1", "topic_name_2", etc] but with this option, I can only track the topics, not the time or the concentration

So I moved my idea to the file metadata in order to use the YAML syntax so I could define a list of objects as follows:

   - name: topic_1
     timing: 7
     concentration: 9
   - name: topic_2
     timing: 2
     concentration: 6

And in order to query the topics I am using this Dataview instruction:

sum(rows.topics.timing) as "Total timing"
FROM "path/to/files"
FLATTEN topics

I would like to know if there is a better way to do this in a single note, because I do not think the metadata update is a good practice

Thank you for your help

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