Dataview numbers display with comma separation

What I’m trying to do

This seems simple but I couldn’t find anything on how to do it. How do I display the total_amount number in my table with comma separators?

TABLE round(sum(rows.amount),2) as Total_amount
FROM "/Area"
group by date

Do you mean to present a number like 1234567.12 as 1,234,567.12?

I don’t think there is any support for presenting number like that currently.

This post mentions it, but just as a question.

A quick search indicates you can hack a solution using regex, so maybe something like the following would work in your case:

TABLE regexreplace(round(sum(rows.amount), 2), "\B(?=(\d{3})+(?!\d))", ",") 
 as "Total amount"
FROM "/Area"
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