Dataview not listing canvas

Hello everyone, when creating a dataview table that list every file inside a folder somehow .canvas files are not being listed. How to fix this?



I was able to manipulate the info in the following link to do a dataviewjs to list the files in my canvas folder. The problem now is to get clicking the link to open in obsidian. But if you just want a list, this will work.

The peoblem is that the canvas is too new and non js dataview only returns .md files if you aren’t going directly over a link like the file.outlinks.
And it is likely something that won’t get fixed for dataview because datacore will come out soon tm and it is a better time investment to develop that instead of running behind the obsidian devs and somehow push it into a already flawed code foundation.

I’m kind of hoping you’re wrong on the demise of Dataview, but afraid you might not be wrong.

However, I’ve not used a whole lot of the canvas, and I don’t see what’s the fuss about, but what I really wanted to state was what happens if you let the query write a wikilink to [[somepage.canvas]]. Does that work like it should do? It should be handle by Obsidian on the outside of dataview…

Datacore is promised to be 2-10 times faster and have a ton of new features like md embedding actually working and having the note headers inside the metadata. (See the roadmap of datacore for more)
Also the focus is way more on the UX than DQL is. The big problem with DQL is that it has flatten as universal function and it does at least 4 functions and steps at once while giving different results based on data context. It is magic that it even works.

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