Dataview: Metadata list only displays the last list element

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to assign 2 links as metadata using dataview plug-in.

Like this

[pages:: [[Thanks]], [[Expectations]]]

However, in display mode, it only displays the last item in the list.


What I’m trying to achieve is adding viewable properties to the page using meta-data, that I also can query later, e.g. using.

WHERE contains(pages, [[Thanks]])

Things I have tried

I’ve tried the code above. The query works for both elements in the list. However, I also want to be able to see both elements as well.


This need to be a list. So you need to put them between [ ].
Like this :
[pages:: [[[Thanks]], [[Expectations]]]]

What @Anwen says is correct, it needs to be a list. And it can be declared as they suggest. In the special case that this is the entire paragraph, you can also use the following markup:

pages::  [[Thanks]], [[Expectations]]
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