Dataview / meta connected each other


How-To make a multi-linked metadata and dataview.

for my example :

type: page
page: "[[page B]]"
page B
type: section
name: example

If i rename the “page B” as “page C”, under the page A in frontmatter, the link is not updaded (this function is enable for update each link if modified).
How-To make this work?

As much as I know, data in frontmatter don’t auto-update.

To achieve that you need to use inline fields (a dataview feature), i.e., fields in the main content. Something like:

page:: [[page B]]

It work!
Why I don’t think about this? :slight_smile:
Thanks, but if frontmatter in the futur (with an option) can update link … maybe, it will a great option to add.

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