Dataview: look in the links listed in FieldA, info found in their own FieldB

I want to query data found in a field, but the source is not a tag, nor a link, nor a field proper. so its a field that contain links, and from those links I want their FieldB info.
is it possible?
its a simple roll-up found in Airtable
I know its very basic but I still have trouble with this
thank you so much !!! :pray::pray::pray::pray:

I have some difficulty to understand (Tengo alguna dificultad para entender la relación de los dos campos) :slight_smile:
You don’t have two different fields: FieldA and FieldB are the same > «Funcionalidad». Same field in different notes (with specific values/data).

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FieldA is = Farmaco
FIeld B is = Funcionalidad (a Field only found in Farmaco)
Field C (the query) is Funcionalidad or any other name, if this isnt appropiate

You have:

  • field(name) :: value

If you use the same field(name) in multiple notes/files, then the field is the same.
So, it’s advised change the name for the query field.
I still don’t understand well the desired query. But, for this example, you can try this:

MyQueryName:: `=this.Farmaco.Funcionalidad`
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excellent!!! :bowing_man: :bowing_man: :bowing_man: thank you

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