[Dataview] - List files with their titles (and show it)

What I’m trying to do

Need to modify this request to display the headers before the response.

<= On the left, there is a demonstration of the current code implementation, and the code itself is below. <=
=> On the right, there are the input data. =>

list   rows.L.text
FROM "5. Daily/1. Daily"
FLATTEN file.lists as L
meta(L.section).subpath = "What" 
meta(L.section).subpath = "Where" 
meta(L.section).subpath = "When" 
meta(L.section).subpath = "How" 
meta(L.section).subpath = "Why" 

GROUP BY  file.link
sort rows.file.cday desc

What I expect

If there’s no way to do it like that, perhaps there’s a way to present it in the form of a table?

I would put this sort of data in yaml:

note where is a reserved word so I’ve called it atwhere

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No, I specifically want to enter data through paragraphs.
I know how to do it using inline field or YAML, but it’s inconvenient to enter there because you are limited to one line

oh I see.
Well, it’s not perfect but you can use
GROUP BY meta(L.section).subpath
instead of
GROUP BY file.link
to make a single note work.

I think I would head to dataviewjs for something more complex.

To get two levels of indentation in a list you do need to use dataviewjs, I think, and there are examples of such here in the forum.

To get the lists in a table format, you might do filter(rows.L, ...) to separate out the various sublists.

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