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What I’m trying to do

Display a list by custom statuses in the Tasks plugin

Things I have tried

Hello all - I’m very new to Obsidian. I’d like to use the “Tasks” plugin to display a list of custom statues (I’m using “Important”, “Ideas”, “Questions” at the moment).

This is the current code I’m using to display all tasks - is there a way to tweak this to display only my custom statuses (so I could have a page with just ideas/questions/important formatted as a task).

not done  
sort by priority  
sort by due  
sort by scheduled  
sort by starts  
group by function task.happens.moment? (task.due.moment?.isBefore(moment(), 'day') ? task.due.format("[%%0%%‼️ Overdue]") : (task.due.moment?.isBetween(moment(), moment(), 'day', '[]') ? task.due.format("[%%1%%❗ Due Today]") : (task.happens.moment?.isBefore(moment().add(1, 'day'), 'day') ? task.happens.format("[%%2%%📆 Scheduled Today]") : (task.happens.moment?.isBefore(moment().add(7, 'days'), 'day') ? task.happens.format("[%%3%%⬆️ Upcoming]") : task.happens.format("[%%4%%💤Beyond Seven Days]"))))) : "No Date"  
group by function reverse task.scheduled.format("%%%%")  
limit groups 10  
hide task count  

According to the Status types or Filters, it seems you should do matches against either or status.type. See links for examples.

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