Dataview js + daily planner: query tasks except current day

What I’m trying to do

Hi, I want to implement a dataviewjs on my daily planner template that would fetch every task that includes “#TODO” except the ones that I’ve created on the same page, so I can avoid redundancy. I tried by comparing with dv.equal() but it doesn’t work. I also tried to do the same with equality comparison but still, the to-dos I write on my daily page keep appearing. Maybe I’m just not understanding correctly what arguments are supposed to fit the method.

And I know there are plugins that do the same or something similar to what I want to achieve, but first I would like to try implementing it with what I have available atm.

Here’s the code I tried to use

let today = new Date().toISOString().slice(0, 10);
dv.taskList(dv.pages().file.tasks.where(t => t.text.includes("#TODO") && !t.completed &&  !dv.equal(today, ));

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