Dataview is not querying two different tags in a table

What i tried

FROM #sop/chemistry/theory/sop AND #testing-1 

i wrote this query and it doesn’t work, i was searching on examples and this was the exact syntax that documentation seems to give. Why this parsing is not working

and by looking at the syntax AND part is not highlighted could it be that AND is considered as part of my first tag as the query of first tag disappeared after i added my second tag. What am i doing wrong?

edit → i don’t seems to find the source from where i took that query snippet, it is maybe wrong, please correct me there. I remember i saw the OR one and replaced that with AND.


removing the AND testing part shows documents from the first tags, but adding the second removes the query entirely, i am finding it hard to guess the error. Please guide me everyone. Thanks

First you need to clarify what you’re looking for!
You want:

  • (a) files that contains both tags
  • (b) or files with one or other or both tags?

I have 2 files with those 2 different tags.

file one has → tag 1
file two has → tag 2

i want a query that list those two files in file three

edit → option (b)

if so, you can’t use AND but OR…
because you want files with one OR other tag… not the both tags (what AND does)

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Thank you very much :smile:

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