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hey there,
i found this nice command:

TABLE file.inlinks AS "linked to y"
FROM [[Music Musik|Musik]]

which lists this:

is it possible that online the artists are shown in which the genere in the yaml header is “indie” for example? :slight_smile:

thank in advance.

I’m not quite sure I follow your use case, but you might want to use something like:

TABLE indieLinks AS "linked to y"
FROM [[Music Musik|Musik]
FLATTEN list(filter( file.inlinks,
  (f) => f.type = "indie" )) as indieLinks
WHERE indieLinks 

You might need to change f.type to match with the name of the property which could have the value “indie”. And if that property can hold multiple values, we’ll also need a little change.

Finally that last line (with WHERE ...) makes it so that only files actually having indie links are shown. If you want to show all files, remove the line.

Hope this help. For a more precise answer, give more details. :slight_smile:

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nice, super awesome! :slight_smile:

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