Dataview indexing takes forever on iOs

Thanks to the magic of logstravaganza, I have tracked down the source of my slow load time on my iOs devices. My home page has a couple of dataview queries, to give me some stats about my vault, and on load, that is manifesting as it triggering the dataview index process before you can do any work. The interesting line in the log file is this one.

{“timestamp”:“2024-03-29T13:22:08.909Z”,“level”:“log”,“args”:[[“Dataview: all 1427 files have been indexed in 10.722s (1422 cached, 2 skipped).”]]}

10 seconds to index 1427 files !!

Any clues on how to make it better?

Dataview needs to index files. Consider yourself lucky (for the low amount of files).
If there is a new (core) plugin made anywhere in the future, this time period could be incorporated in the startup time and have queried data be ready instantly.

As regards homepages with dataview queries (in my case numerous dataviewjs queries), I even don’t use those anymore but only manually open the canvas dashboard when I know all files are loaded. Otherwise (at least for my vault), sometimes I’ll even have trouble opening a normal md file… (There is some indexing interference that can break things for a while? Many times I got impatient and closed Obsidian and then learned to not have files open that instantly require Dataview. A longer story will be included in my memoirs.)

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Thanks heaps for that Gino, I look forward to your memoir.

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