Dataview incorrect this.ctime

Things I have tried

The following dataview query is displaying the incorrect process time

TABLE without id as "Inbox", processTime AS "Waiting for..."
FROM "Notes/Fleeting Notes"

Process time is being given by
processTime::=round((date(now) - this.file.ctime).days,2) days
Which shows up correctly in the file, but not in the dataview query in the other file

How can I achieve the same thing where the query displays the correct number? I assume what is going wrong is that the this.file.ctime is being read by dataview as the file containing the query, rather than the file that is being queried.

What I’m trying to do

On my dashboard I have a dataview query showing all of my fleeting notes. I want to add a second column showing how long they have been waiting for me to process them

Doing inline fields in one file using a dataview query in one file, and trying to read that value from a query in another file like you seem to be doing, is just bound to cause race conditions and not function.

I think you’re better of, recalculating the process time in the latter query.

Try something like:

TABLE without id as "Inbox", processTime AS "Waiting for..."
FROM "Notes/Fleeting Notes"
FLATTEN round((date(now) - file.ctime).days, 2) + " days" as processTime
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