Dataview in daily notes to show pictures of that day

What I’m trying to do

the filenames of the pictures I take with the camera of my smartphone look like this:

These pictures are synced with my obsidian vault (in the folder “privat/Periodic notes/Media”) and I want to have dataview showing me the pictures I took on that day in my daily note, regardless of the time, or other additional characters behind the string “YYYYMMDD”.

… an additional challenge is, that my daily notes don’t have the format “YYYYMMDD”, but the format “YYYY-MM-DD”…

Things I have tried

The following dataview just shows .md-files:

From "privat/Periodic notes/Media"
WHERE contains(,

So my question to you are:

  • how can I query for image-files?
  • how can I transform the YYYYMMDD format of the image-files in the YYYY-MM-DD format of my dailiy notes?
  • how can I embed image-files in a dataview query, without having the exact filename of the image-files (only the first 8 characters (the date))?

Thank you very much in advance,
kind regards,


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