Dataview in an iframe... Internal embed in an iframe

I have a dataview which results in a very long list. I’d like to be able to put this inside an iframe, so that all the results are available but I can control how many are visible on screen (and scroll to see more). Can this be done? (I’ve not figured a syntax that works)


Can you use an internal embed within an iframe?

What do you mean by in an iframe? Maybe provide an example of what you’re trying to do.

I’m thinking something like…

<iframe src="a dataview stuff here"></iframe>

I’ve tried to do something like:

<div style="various things to control size, etc">```dataview...```</div>

but the dataview then gets treated like text and doesn’t execute.

As for an embed/transclusion in an iframe, I am thinking of:

<iframe src="![[FILE]]"></iframe>

ah I see

The end goal is controlling the height and width and other style properties of a dataview table?

I don’t think you can put it in an iframe the way you’ve attempted.

However, dataview tables are directly selectable with CSS. So, you can create a CSS snippet targeting all dataview tables and style them however you want. Or, if you only want to style dataview tables on a certain page, you can use the cssclass YAML attribute to select for those.

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