Dataview: how to filter out results that don't have a value

I’m trying to make a basic glossary for school where I have a dataview table that displays a note’s name next to it’s definition. My problem is that the query returns lots of results that don’t have definitions. Any help would be appreciated!

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

Can you give an example of what a note without a definition looks like, and what your query is? That will make it easier to help!

TABLE definition
from #economics 
SORT file.ctime

That’s the query I’m using and by notes without a definition I just mean notes where I don’t have the text ‘definition::’ included.

Thank you, that makes things much clearer. You could add a WHERE definition line to your query to filter for files where the definition field is there. (note: I have a habit of all-caps my dataview query language keywords, not necessary.)

TABLE definition
FROM #economics
WHERE definition
SORT file.ctime ASC

Thanks so much! It works properly now

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