Dataview: How can i create a table with backlinks

What I’m trying to do

  • Hello, from previous post (above link), i have tried to organize through tag and is working really well but after some hours, i have seen some flaw like notes are not link with each others (since tags are only create links, not receive) and i hardly see relation between this note and it’s parents.
  • So what im trying to do is instead first column is subtag, please help me change it into backlinks like first column is group of “Parent note”, then second column is group of the note that link to corresponding “Parent note” in the first column
  • My queries right now:
TABLE WITHOUT ID regexreplace(Tags, ".*/(.+)", "$1") AS Categories, AS "Files", rows.Status AS "Status"
FROM #Academics/Computer_science  and "Cards" 
FLATTEN file.etags AS Tags
WHERE contains(Tags, "#Academics/Computer_science/")

Things I have tried

  • I’m really new to dataview and all the queries above are from copying on reddit and with some help on obsidian forum. Please help me

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