Dataview: Help with list of events based on daily note title


I am sure this is not difficult for the experienced, but, well…

I am using full calendar to create event notes. These include in the YAML ´date: 2023-05-15´ , for example. I want to query the events in my Daily Notes, which have the date as their title (eg 2023-05-15), to list the events of that day. Thus, I want to use the value of the daily note title to query for events with that date.

I can get to the event notes using ´FROM “Calendars” ’ which is where my event notes are. My problem is the WHERE´ part… something like ’ WHERE date = (note.title), which does not work…

I also have Templater installed if that can help, but hope there is a pure Dataview query I can use.

Let me know if I need to provide more information.

Any help would be appreciated.

When you’ve got the a proper date in either the file title, or as Date: YYYY-MM-DD Dataview will set the variable to match that date.

Furthermore, to get the current file’s information in a DQL query you’ll use the prefix this..

With this knowledge a query like the following will list all event notes with the date matching the current file’s date:

FROM "Calendars"
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@holroy Thanks! That is an interesting auto variable. It took me a while to understand why it would work.

Out of curiosity, what if the Title was one date, and the date: another date? Would this still work?

Maybe it’s safer to use

WHERE date =

Thanks again!

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