Dataview grouped list does not create a new line

Hi everyone, basically I have the same problem outlined here:

Indeed a solution was found but for some reasons now it does not works properly anymore, using the solution outlined in that thread:

LIST map(, (x) => + choice(x.Status, " — " + x.Status, ""))
FROM "/path"

I get a output like this:

- Type 1: 
  - My note 1, My note 2 - Status A, My note 3
- Type 2:
  - My note 4 - Status B, My note 10, My note 7

As you see every note link is on the same line, whereas the intended output would be like:

- Type 1: 
  - My note 1
  - My note 2 - Status A
  - My note 3
- Type 2:
  - My note 4 - Status B
  - My note 10
  - My note 7

Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank’s.

Apparently now this happens everytime you create a list on dataview and insert GROUP BY.
Does anyone have a solution?


This is an untested long shot, but what happens if you surround the map( ... ) with list()? In other words do something like list(map( ... ))

Nothing change

What do you get if you do the following in a file of its own:

- first item
- second item

## hmm 


LIST list("a", "b", "c")
FLATTEN file.lists as item
WHERE file=this.file
Group by item.text

This produces a multilevel list in my world (on mobile) like the following:

Ok, apparently that also created a list comma separated. The issue was that I had an option enabled on style settings plugin that created this behaviour (I’m on minimal theme).

Thank you

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