Dataview - group results under a first grouping

Bonjour à tous - Hello everyone !

What I’m trying to do

My notes have metadatas called “Domaine” and “Sous-Domaine”. I want to get a TABLE in Dataview that lists the Domaines in a first column, and in a second column the Sous-Domaines attached to each Domaine.

Things I have tried

I almost passed this task with:

TABLE rows.Sous-Domaine AS Sous-Domaine
FROM "MD intégrées"
WHERE Domaine OR Sous-Domaine
GROUP BY Domaine

Problem :

With this method, in the Sous-Domaine column, each value is displayed as many times as it exists in my notes (if I have 58 notes with the value “Programmation” in the key “Sous-Domaine”, my TABLE will display 58 lines “Pogrammation”).

I only want one per value.
Is this possible and if so how? Is it necessary to go use a dataviewJS query ?

Thank you for your help :wink:

Somebody ?? :slight_smile: