Dataview->group by what i supposed to see?

I have a dataview query

TABLE file.folder, alias
FROM "tips"

i’m getting this table: as you see there is a files in folders like php, js git etc…

now i add to query GROUP BY file.folder
and supposed to see same table, but visually rows separated by folder property.
Instead i see this:

maybe “group by” here is kinda aggregate function ? like in mysql.
at least why i dont see my file.folder column - arent it supposed to display the same as first default culumn??

Or maybe i didn’t get point of that function? Can someone share some tutorial with usecases examples ?

thank you !!!

Whenever you do GROUP BY it does aggregate the values, and now the list of the various items, like file.folder or alias are available as rows.file.folder and rows.alias.

So try with that, and see how you like that output. Notice how it’s then combining the values of all in the same group into lists (which are kind of disconnected).


yep, its kinda works (but not rows → row)

i should probably dive into database foolder plugin to get more fansy tables

thanks anyway !

It’s kind of strange that you don’t need to use rows, but just row. That kind of indicates that you’re not using a GROUP BY (or not outputting those parts which has been grouped).

The row syntax is mostly used when you need to address fields which have other meaning within the query, if I understood it correctly.

Anyways, I’m glad you got it to work.

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