Dataview - GROUP BY multiple times

What I’m trying to do

Group rows of a dataview table query multiple times. I’m logging a DnD campaign database, for which I have one .md for each location. Each location has three properties, from bigger to smaller: region (self-explanatory), category (communities, dungeons, landmarks) and type (town, city, settlement, cave, statue, etc.). I want the query to sort each location by region and then by category. More graphical:

Region1[Communities(Town1,City1,City2), Dungeons(Cave1), Landmarks (Statue1, Temple1)]

Ideally, I would even nest one layer more, but I can survive without it if it’s too complicated. It would be:

Region1{Communities[Towns(Town1), Cities(,City1,City2)], Dungeons[Caves(Cave1)], Landmarks[Statues(Statue1), Temples(Temple1)}

It would basically serve as a graphical index since I am publishing the vault for other players to check and use.

Things I have tried

I tried adapting what was discussed here in this discussion to my case, but I can’t wrap my head around how any of that works nor can I get it to work just by replacing. I have limited experience with coding.

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