Dataview group + 2 other columns?

What I’m trying to do

I have this snippet:

TABLE as "Learnings", kind as Kind
FROM  "1 - XXX/1.1 - Journal/1.1.2 - Learnings"
sort file.ctime asc
GROUP BY dateformat(file.ctime, "MMMM") AS Month
SORT rows.file.ctime ASC

Where “kind” is a brief description of the note I write inside each one of them, like:

Result is this:

Why the brief description I wrote on note 1 does not appear in the column?


Well, I guess you have the snippet but don’t understand it. :slight_smile:

Sorry to say this so directly, but what’s the reason to use the prefix rows.? Because you use the group command.

If after this command you added the prefix to SORT rows.file.ctime ASC and as "Learnings", maybe you also need to use it in rows.kind as Kind.

Thank’s, you are right… I just tried to take some pieces here ad there without understand much of it. So, what’s the difference between and property? And why sometimes if I don’t put “rows” it does not works at all?

The command GROUP BY something produces two things:

  • the key (the something)
  • the rows (the other things that now are nested in each group):
key: something
  - file.folder
  - file.cday
  - file.tasks
  - ...
  - customField1
  - customField2
  - ...

That’s why we add the prefix rows. in almost all the field (“almost”, because if you target the key you usually don’t need to add any prefix).
I.e., generically, after the group command you need to add the prefix rows. to target the previous fields.

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