Dataview from root folder/vault

Quick silly question: How can I list all the files in root folder/vault ?

Things I have tried

I tried using query from "root folder" & from "path to root folder", but none of these work.

I don’t like this solution from "" and -"Subfolder 1" and -"Subfolder 2" and -"Subfolder 3" ...

It’s not intuitive, time-consuming and I have to adjust every time I add a new subfolder.

What I’m trying to do

I would like to use dataview to list all the files in root folder/vault, not the files within subfolder of root folder (in other words, not all the files in the vault just the files in the root vault)

Good question! The implicit field file.folder link to docs seems to be empty for things in the root folder, so this worked for me:

WHERE !file.folder

Wow nice! Thank you for sharing :+1:

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