Dataview FROM Kanban - differentiate lists

First, search the help docs and this forum. Maybe your question has been answered! The debugging steps can help, too. Still stuck? Delete this line and proceed.

What I’m trying to do

I have a Kanban board with two lists: 1) “Urgent” 2) “Important but not Urgent”

Within my notes, I’m trying to run dataview to find all tasks with a certain keyword, however; I want to differentiate (or at least use two dataview queries) to separate tasks from each list. Note, I use (and prefer) Kanban to input all my tasks (as they don’t live in other notes)

Things I have tried

TASK From ""
Where !completed
Where contains(text, OR contains(aliases,"") 
SORT !completed

How do the source of the kanban markdown look like? Are the tasks you want to differentiate in different sections/files/…

See Sample. I have two lists, and different tasks in each list.

That’s not the source, that’s either the live preview or reading view.

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