Dataview for automated code generation

Things I have tried

The standard google search, I found a plug in called inline-variables but I couldn’t get it to work.

I’ve also tried = this.variable but where I need it stops it being run.

What I’m trying to do

Hi everyone,
I’ve been updating my obsidian set up recently and now have some nice self-reporting templates. But I am missing something that would make my life just a little easier.

Essentially one of my work roles requires a series of commands and text being input into a system manually. So I thought instead of repeatedly copy-pasting a name into a dozen places, I could have one variable in the yaml that can be referred to through out a page. Something like…

variable = Phorcus lineatus
otherone = projectname

code…= this.variable…code… = (this.otherone + '_' + this.variable)

So far this works as long as it is outside of the code block ( ) but this would introduce spaces that break the code.

I hope that explains it properly.
Thanks in advance for the help.

What spaces? The “Phorcus lineatus” space?

Not that one no, that will be expected. Writing the code in a way that allows the data view snippets to work would introduce large spaces between the lines.

In this case:


= this.variable

code code code

Although it would work, introduces newline and space characters.

and then

codecodecode`= this.variable`code code code

generates literally that as a string. But ultimately is the format I want and need.

ok, I get it. I don’t see any solution for that, but if you want to differentiate (visually) the code part you can use the admonition plugin.

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Ah i hadn’t heard of admonition before, this works pretty much perfectly. Thanks for the help.

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