Dataview: extra column "Group"


I am experimenting with the Dataview plugin and have problem with the GROUP keyword.

Example: There are notes which have an “intensity” field.
This query should output a table which shows the intensities and the file names associated with it:

TABLE intensity,
GROUP BY intensity

But what comes out is this:


=> Why do I get this extra Column “Group” when I am only selecting two fields?

Thanks in advance,

If in “normal” query by default the first column is related to “File”, when in queries with “group” by default the first column is related with the grouped field… so, you don’t need to repeat “intensity”. If you want to change the name, write this:

TABLE WITHOUT ID intensity AS "Intensity", AS "Notes"
GROUP BY intensity

“WITHOUT ID” removes the default first column.

…perfect answer. Sorry, did not notice this in the docs. :smiling_face:

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