Dataview dynamic table with n columns

is it possible to go into multi-column in a dataview table after n rows?
e.g. if n=5 and I have 10 elements - I would like 2 columns

many thanks

Your best chance is by grouping but it won’t be as you wanted. You can’t do this even with standard markdown tables… anyway let’s see if someone has a solution

What do you mean? What kind of query are doing, or what do you want to join up since the number of columns changes?

It seems strange to change the number of columns midways in a table, but there is nothing keeping you from having empty columns leading up to that point.

if your table is slim enough it would be theoretically possible to use css to put more rows besides the actual table as a new table, but that would be a more complicated css snipped (and likely even a dv.view() dvjs code that directly talks to the renderer to acomplish that. and no i can’t help you with that. i have no idea how css or the renderer of obsidian works.)

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