Dataview does not sort files by name

I tried this:

LIST FROM "Università/1️⃣ Primo anno/1️⃣ Primo semestre/🖥️ Architettura degli elaboratori/3.Il processore"

it should show me all the files in the folder and sort them by name, but it show me all files without ordering them:


I don’t think is a file name problem because int the file explorer the alphabetical order works:

I don’t know how file explorer works, but for dataview is precisely a file name issue… because in case all your are strings. It doesn’t read the values as a numbers, that’s why 10... is listed firstly than 2..., i.e., names are compared alphabetically, character to character.

If you use always this structure - “number+dot+title” I suggest something like this:

SORT number(split(, "\.")[0]) ASC

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