Dataview: Displaying Each Link on a Separate Line Within a Table Cell

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What I’m trying to do

I’m attempting to use the DataView plugin in Obsidian to create a table that lists wines grouped by their grape type. Specifically, I want each wine name (link) to appear on its own individual line within a table cell for clarity, rather than being joined by commas.

Here’s the DataView code I’ve been working with:

dataviewCopy code

    length( as "Number of Wines", 
    join(link(rows.file.path, rows.winename), ", ") as "Wine Names"
FROM "8. Wine" 
WHERE file.path != this.file.path 
FLATTEN grape 
GROUP BY grape
SORT length( DESC

Things I have tried

    • Docs and Forum Search Terms:
    • “Dataview line break in table”
    • “Obsidian DataView separate lines within cell”
    • “Dataview newline character”
  • Solutions Attempted:
    • Used the newline character (\n) within the join function to separate links.

Result: None of these solutions worked as expected. The links still appear joined by commas, and I couldn’t achieve the desired line-by-line output within the table cell.

Any help greatly appreciated! thanks all

What happens if you just remove the join operator? Is it still joining the entries?

That worked! Thank you

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