Dataview - Display blocks/paragraphs instead files

Hi all!

What I’m trying to do

I have some sort of Inbox in the form of a bullet list where I put my entries from time to time, and I assign a tag to each entry.

I would like to make Dataview display all blocks/paragraphs (bullet list items) with my specified tag that are in the “Inbox” file.

Something like:

from "Inbox" and #obsidian
sort date desc

But with such a query Dataview just displays the Inbox file itself, not the blocks/paragraphs (bullet list items) to which the specified tag is assigned.

If it is possible, and someone knows what to specify in Dataview query to display blocks/paragraphs (bullet list items) - please tell me.

Things I have tried

I tried the aforementioned Dataview Query, but it did not produce the desired result.

And I also tried Obsidian’s built-in embedded search query as an alternative solution, but it only displays the end of the block/paragraph (bullet list item), and I’d like it to display the entire block/paragraph (bullet list item) in its entirety:

path: "Inbox" tag:#obsidian

Then I tried installing the «Obsidian Query Control» plugin, and adjusted my query as follows:

path: "Inbox" tag:#obsidian
context: true

… but that didn’t produce any result, for some reason none of the functions of the «Obsidian Query Control» plugin work.

Try the following where we split up the list items into its separate into items, and then check for that tag.

FROM "Inbox" 
FLATTEN file.lists as item
WHERE contains(item.tags, "#obsidian")

This is working as it should, HUGE thanks!!!

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