Dataview - different meta from properties and inlinks(outlinks)

For what reason meta from this.file.inlinks and this.file.frontmatter.myproperty are displayed as links in both cases, but can’t metadata be extracted from myproperty in the same way as inlinks?


Where did the “string” come from if it is displayed in the table as a full-fledged link?! What about the error text?


    map(this.file.frontmatter.children, (x) => x) AS tmp,
    map(this.file.inlinks, (x) => x) AS tmp2
  1. Please fix it
  2. Since the repair will be long (and it’s not a fact that it will be fixed - developers may be refer to some useless “philosophy” - I’ve seen it often) soooo - how do I extract similar metadata from myproperty, as well as from inlinks, in the current conditions?

We don’t make dataview. You need to post this in the dataview repository on github.