Dataview: Counting notes based on list occurrence

So, I am a techo, but I just can’t get the penny to drop for me on complex dataview queries. I feel like I am missing a key documentation page that would make me have the a-ha moment. I am better than average on my SQL, but that is always solved with joins and multiple tables. Not possible here.

On this occasion, I have a list of files, conveniently with date names. In the front matter of each file, is a property called “Team” that has a list of strings, which are the names of the people on that team on that day.

So I want a query that returns the list of team member names, and the number of times they have been on teams.

Something like

Paul     5
John    7
Sally    12

I kept thinking I needed to Flatten. I thought that was the magic I was missing, but I just end up with one name for each team, which is a long string with everyone’s actual name in that one long string.

I did a few things with rows.Team to try and group by, but I feel like I am missing the mark completely here.

As I have no particularly exciting code to share, because I feel like its just one thing I need to know, and then its a simple query, group by, sort… but I just can’t figure out how to do teh count from inside the list.

Thanks in advance.

Typically in this scenario you’d flatten the team variable into its separate persons, and then use GROUP BY on the persons to get your counting totals.

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