Dataview: count number of backlinks in backlinks

I am trying to create a table to use as a simple Map of Content. I want the table to have two columns:

  1. the Backlinks of the note the table is in
  2. the number of backlinks in each of these backlink

I found in this forum that I can create a table of the backlinks with:

table without id file.inlinks as Subtopics
where =

and list the number of backlinks for all files in my vault with:

TABLE file.inlinks as Backlinks, length(file.inlinks) as Total 
SORT length(file.inlinks) DESC

but I am not capable of reconciling the two to achieve the table I want. Any help would be very appreciated.

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Maybe @mnvwvnm can help on this one? I believe the second query is their idea.

The solution I found is to filter the files to obtain only those which link to the current file using [[#]].

In case anybody is interested in doing the same thing:

TABLE WITHOUT ID as "Backlinks", length(file.inlinks) as "Num Backlinks in Backlink"
FROM [[#]]
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